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Concreate specialises in hand-crafted, custom concrete design.

Our range includes benchtops, tables, bathtubs, sills, steps, sinks, fireplaces, flooring, outdoor kitchens, BBQ/pizza oven tops and firepits.

With over 10 years experience in the business, our clients include homeowners, interior designers, architects and landscape architects, as well as kitchen and bathroom designers.

With concreate, you can choose from a selection of colours, aggregates and finishes.

We will work closely with you from design to install and we also offer superior post installation service as well as a 12 month guarantee on all our creations.

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You dream it, we concreate it!

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Here are a selection of built-in designs which might appeal to you and your project:

  • Cantilever benchtops
  • Lights
  • Drainer
  • Cook-friendly features like timber cutting boards and a compost chute
  • Built-in herb garden
  • A popular addition to the range combines concrete benchtop with a built-in sink, drainer and even a compost chute, resulting in a beautifully seamless product offering practicality and modern functionality

Colour is achieved by adding oxide dyes to the wet mix so the result is subtle shades rather than vibrant colour. Colour intensity may vary up to 10% from that of the sample block. Choose from eleven fabulous earthy tones or even design your own!

Wild RiceWild Rice


Rock OysterRock Oyster

Blue IceBlue Ice







Black PeppercornBlack Peppercorn

Concreate benchtops are generally chunky and bold and a range of thicknesses are available:

  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

Create your own! We can even go to 150mmm

The texture is smooth to touch and we use a matt finish.

Aggregate: You can choose from a few different looks – either non-exposed aggregate, partially exposed aggregate or fully exposed aggregate. By aggregate we mean the elements in the concrete: gravel and crushed stone. It’s really the ‘decorative’ part of the concrete.


Special finishes: We have recently created a fantastic rustic marble effect which looks particularly good used for our new sinks.



“A concrete island worktop by concreate provides plenty of prep space and complements the stainless steel surface nearby”

(Inside Out, Sept-Oct 211)

Whilst engineered/reconstituted stone needs to be kept meticulously clean, concreate use a finish which is stain-resistant and far more practical for our busy lives.

Design elements to consider when choosing a concreate benchtop:


Concreate have combined their classic concrete benchtops with bases of dramatic fabricated steel and timber designer replicas to create truly unique tables. Our latest work is one step beyond with the entire table made of concrete. A chunky, tactile concrete table with live wheatgrass, a replica of the Emil Wettstein timber table. Choose your own specifications to dine with fresh herbs at your fingertips (or perhaps incorporate the herb garden into your kitchen concreate benchtop!).


Shape your tub to fit your space. We can replicate most designs to concreate your favourite style!


Again complimenting your benchtop, vanity or other concreate piece, add a step or two to make your space flow seamlessly.

Choose one of our neutral tones for a bold contemporary style or embody a bygone era with a marbled effect. They look fantastic cast into a concreate benchtop or sitting as a feature amongst a timber or stainless steel benchtop. We have a large selection of integrated kitchen sink & bathroom basin designs.


We can produce boutique bathroom floors to tie in with your Concreate benchtop or vanity.


Compliment your concreate bath and vanity benchtop with matching windowsills that look great and serve a practical purpose.

Custom create fireplaces, mantles, surrounds and hearths.

New to the Concreate suite of products are bespoke concrete panels. Let us know what you need and we can come up with a solution. Just look at the curves we mastered in this sandstone bathroom and the exposed aggregate at Lotus, The Galeries!